All-in-one POS
for your clothing & apparel store

From stock management to checkout, Hiboutik helps you


Only requires a web browser
Automatic upgrades
Regular data backups

Easy to use

Immediatly available
Intuitive to use - no need for training
Hardware easy to set up

Complete solution

Full-featured POS solution
Suitable for multi-store retailers
Works on any device

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Point of sale system

Whether you require a precise control of each unit or just work with generic products, Hiboutik simplifies your sales process.
Search your products by keywords, scan them or add them with the virtual terminal, Hiboutik allows you to identify products quick and seamlessly.
Manage gift vouchers, returns, exchanges, discounts, tickets without price...
Assign variations (size, colour,...) and tags (collections, fabric,...) to your products.

Stock control

Choose to track or not inventory for each product. Manage your stock orders by supplier and automatically print your barcode labels.
Find out stock levels in real time and carry out inventory counts to set available quantities.
Never run out of stock using stock alerts.

Sales and promotions

You can set an automatic discounted price on each product applicable for a defined sales period.
Also apply a discount during any sale for product lines or on the total amount.
Set up promotions targeted on a category of products or on a group of customers with an application.

Customer base and loyalty rewards

Manage your customer base (sales history, personal information ...) and encourage them with targeted e-mailing and SMS campaigns.
Hiboutik includes a loyalty program to reward your top customers in any of your stores (multi-stores).

Website and integrations

Centralize your points of sale within a single account and carry out interactions (transfers, restocking, etc.).
Activate an online store with a single click and allow your customers to place online orders for delivery or collect.
Hiboutik API enables integration with many external applications and ecommerce platforms (Woocommerce, Prestashop, ...) so you can synchronize your stock.
Hiboutik internal applications also allow managing consigment sales (VAT on top of margin, consigment inventory) and wholesale sales (multi-pricing).

Analytics & Reporting

Follow in real time and from anywhere the evolution of your turnover. Identify your best-selling products and those you should promote.
Valuate your stock at a glance and follow your sales by collections or any other criteria.
Use plenty of statistic tools to improve your business figures.
Simplify paperwork by automatically generating an accounting export or by giving your accountant direct access to your Hiboutik account.


Premium: 15.90 €/month

Additional Apps available

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