Complete software
for your coworking space

Hiboutik simplifies the management of your workspace


Only requires a web browser
Automatic upgrades
Regular data backups

Easy to use

Immediatly available
Intuitive to use - no need for training
Hardware easy to set up

Complete solution

Full-featured POS solution
Suitable for multi-store retailers
Works on any device

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Monitor the time of usage of your customers (manually, with an RFID reader or any other ID technology) and automatically retrieve your customer data for billing.
The time-stamping section at your sale interface will allow you to track the occupancy rate of your premises.
Whether you manage recurrent customers (subscriptions) or temporary customers, Hiboutik will adapt to each particular case.


Create a time product to easily invoice your customers according to the time spent at your premises.
Upon quotation, Hiboutik can create a custom script to automate this billing by taking into account the specificities of your pricing policy (degressivity, customer status, indivisible periods, time packages...).
Save time without making mistakes in the amount to be invoiced.
Edit personalized invoices and send them by email.


Easily plan the availability of your premises and meeting rooms in your account's calendar.
Know the occupation of your premises by resources, months, weeks... displayed on different charts.
You can allow online booking using third party solutions with pre-registration of customer data.

Customer base and loyalty rewards

Manage your community of coworkers (sales history, personal information...) and encourage them with targeted e-mailing and SMS campaigns.
Customer data can be easily exported according to different criteria.
Hiboutik also integrates a loyalty program to reward your most assiduous customers, independently of the spaces frequented if you manage several premises.

Analysis & reports

Analyze your turnover thanks to numerous indicators such as the occupancy rate at different times of the day, or the attendance rate according to customer categories.
Simplify your daily management by automatically generating an accounting export or by giving your accountant direct access to your account.


Explore and combine new services thanks to our API and our applications.
Offer online booking, automatically send surveys to your community, manage several premises under a single account or implement check-in kiosks.


Premium: 15.90 €/month

Additional Apps available

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